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Find the best office coffee in North Carolina.

Best office coffee in the Carolinas

Gourmet Grindz

REAL espresso beans
Ground fresh for each cup
Choose your flavor
Push a button

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We take care of your coffee delivery so you can focus on business.
We do all the work
You can focus on business


Cost Effective


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Get the best freshly roasted coffee beans in North Carolina.

Expertly Roasted

Highest Quality

Amazingly Rich and Flavorful
No Bitterness
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It's like having a coffee house inside your office!

Coffee-House Fresh


Gourmet coffee inside your workplace
Without leaving your office - Without the expense

(406) 270-3188

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FREE Super-Automatic Coffee Machine
for qualifying offices in North Carolina — South Carolina

Your super automatic espresso machine is valued at $7495.00.
No obligation and we will not spam. See our privacy policy.

Why buy ordinary, when AMAZING is FREE!

If your office is located in North Carolina or South Carolina and has at least 75 in-office employees, you may qualify for a free coffee machine right NOW.
Click here for details.